Friday, June 21, 2013

Introducing SSSSSSSSSS! And a general update

So...I've been pretty awful about updating here recently.  Basically, I've been casting a LOT and covering LCS for LoLKing.  Those articles get published on, and I announce them on my Twitter when they go up.  I've been playing a lot of Plat v Silver games---follow my Twitter or my stream to find out when I'm streaming those.  I'm not saving VoDs of them unless someone specifically requests, but I've been streaming for about 8-10 hours a week for the past few weeks, so there's a decent amount of VoDs you can watch at any given time if you're interested.

I've also been casting a lot---mostly for NESL, but I'm also starting to cast the Dominate Dominion tournament that's hosted weekly on Saturdays here.  (Again, follow my Twitter for updates on whenever I'm casting stuff.)  At some point I'll finish my Nami guide and release it; I have made the temporary link public, but you can't vote/comment on it yet because it's not done.

Sona got buffed!  That was pretty awesome.  Still run HP quints on her probably.  Haven't gotten much of a chance to play since the 3.8 patch, so maaaaybe you can get away with a bit less HP, but it's still probably your strongest choice.

And now...introducing the SSSSSSSSSSS!  SSSSSSSSS roughly stands for 'Saturday Sundown Super Silly Scrim Series,' but it's not on Saturdays and not at sundown.  But they are super silly scrims!  Sign-ups for this week are open.  Each week, there's a different theme, and this week the theme is "Carry me Bro," where you may only play ranged champions and ONLY build AD Carry items.  Allowed items must provide either Attack Damage or Attack Speed and NOT contain any Ability Power (Triforce is allowed).  (Yes, you may purchase components prior to completing an item.)

SSSSSSSSSSS will be hosted and casted by myself and Blanket Ninja roughly every week and streamed on my stream.  This week, it's at 7:30pm Pacific time on Sunday June 23, but that time will be variable from week to week.  Eventually I'll get around to making a page here for that.

You can still take double golems if you have like Draven/Janna or something super high-damage, probably not with Nami/Caitlyn though.  Haven't tried it with too many lane combos yet.

I'm gonna try to make a post talking about NA LCS sometime in the next week or so.  But maybe I'll work on my Nami guide instead.  We'll see.

Finally, I'm wanting to start offering shoutcasting lessons, but I really want to charge for them.  If that's something you'd be interested in, message me on reddit or email me at [my IGN]LOL at  Rates would probably be about $10-20/hour, depending on how many lessons you wanted to commit to.