SNSS (Saturday Night Scrim Series) is a weekly event that was created by gimp samurai and has been run through /r/summonerschool; I started running it in early March after it had been on hiatus for a few months, and OctaRainbow took over from me at the end of May and is currently in charge of it.  Designed to give players a chance to play in a competitive but no-stakes environment to practice mechanics and improve game sense, it consists of several matches, ranging from ARAMs (anyone welcome) to a novice game (bronze players with a high-elo support who makes playcalls) to an advanced game (gold+ players).  The matches are all casted and streamed.

Sign-ups can be found here.
Premade team sign-ups here.
You can cancel your sign-up here.

Teams list here (updated Thursday night or Friday).

Feedback form here.

Mumble info here.

Stream here.

Info for players:

You'll get a custom-game invite from either your match's organizer (see Teams List).  Please be ready to accept that invite 20 minutes prior to your game's start time!

If you have any questions about scheduling or logistics, please direct them to your match's organizer.  Otherwise, you can message OctaRainbow ingame (Lchor on reddit).

This week's schedule is:

2/5: Novice Match
3/6: Intermediate Match
4/7: Various Skill Level Match
5/8: Advanced Match

(note that we usually end up 30-50 minutes behind schedule by the end of the day, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be ready to play on time!)

Who can join...

ARAM: Anyone!
Novice Match: Bronze players/unranked players with not very many normal wins/silver V players who think they should be in bronze
Various Skill Level Match: Anyone who's level 30
Intermediate Match: Silver players/unranked players with 400+ normal wins/gold V players who think they should be in silver
Premade Team: Any team or group of people that has played at least 10 games together as a premade 5 (exceptions will be made if there aren't enough sign-ups)
Advanced: Gold+ players, although preference will be given to plat/diamond players

Past VoDs:

14 April 2013
7 April 2013
31 March 2013
24 March 2013
17 March 2013
10 March 2013

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