Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You should put Flash on Space

This is a copypaste from my Sona guide that used to be featured on before her rework and also before I stopped playing much League. I'm posting it here because of the article on the League of Legends site about flash bindings. I updated a couple things to be relevant now (mana potions don't exist anymore, and you can now change allies' order in game so you don't have to rebind your ADC at the start of each game if you have a hotkey to shield him) but everything else is the same.

For the most part, I use standard smartcasted bindings, but there are actually a couple of nonstandard bindings that I HIGHLY recommend you switch to if you want to play champions that have really important flash-ult playmaking ability (Sona and Annie principally, but really any support with a hard CC). The biggest thing here is that flash is on space. This is HUGELY useful, since you probably want to use your index finger to press D, F, and R, and there's a slight delay to move your finger over to the other key. This works in two ways: First, you want to flash-ult to engage, and second, you want to bait, ult, flash to counter-engage. Either of these requires pressing your ult hotkey and flash hotkey in a very very short amount of time, and that's way harder if you're trying to use the same finger to do both actions. However, if flash is on space, then you use your thumb to flash and your index finger to ult! So much easier! Having flash on space now opens up F and G as potential hotkeys to do something else with---there are two real options here. You can either put item slots there (I like to use F for HP pot at the start of the game. and later on a defensive active on F like Locket or Randuins), or if you're playing a support with a shield you can put your shield/heal NORMAL CAST on F and your ADC on G. So basically, if you wanted to shield your ADC, you'd press FG and then he's shielded! No need to mouse-over him, and no risk of accidentally shielding or healing a creep or something like that. I personally don't like to do this because it requires a rebind at the beginning of each game if you're changing champion you're playing, and also it can be occasionally unintuitive in the case of having multiple ally buffs...but it's definitely something that you could do. So give it a try!

Finally, we have to decide, where do we put Center Camera? It's actually pretty important to be able to do this, since you will be clicking on the minimap to look at other lanes or the jungle to see if you need to rotate and get an idea of how the rest of your team is doing, and then you want to be able to snap back to yourself quickly. So what I do for this is use C because it's reasonably comfortable (and it even makes sense---C for Center Camera). This requires that I rebind Character Info Sheet to X, and I just unbound the original function of X (I don't even remember what it was so obviously I wasn't using it). Finally, I HIGHLY suggest that you unbind Y (lock camera on self). There is nothing more stupidly frustrating than accidentally locking camera to just unbind it completely. And having Open Shop in between Center Camera and Recall (so on V) is NOT something that I do. But you can if you want. It makes purchasing a bit quicker. (And as a non-League-related Life Pro Tip, try binding the key to the left of A to Control! It's so much easier to reach!! Put Caps Lock over on Scroll Lock, since that key is completely useless.)