Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tournament VoDs: Weeks 1-3

Week 3
R1G1: Alistar-Ezreal vs Sona-Varus
R1G2: Zyra-Ezreal vs Sona-Caitlyn (my mic got muted partway through this match due to a pause)
R1G3: Sona-Miss Fortune vs Lulu-Caitlyn
R1G4: Taric-Graves vs Nunu-Miss Fortune
R2G1: Nami-Vayne vs Alistar-Ashe (intro, game restarts later due to server lag)
R2G1: Nami-Vayne vs Alistar Ashe (restart)
R2G2: Alistar-Ezreal vs Zyra-Graves
R2G3: Taric-Ashe vs Nunu-Miss Fortune (brief discussion on AD carries ahead of time)
R3G1: Nami-Vayne vs Leona-Graves
R3G2: Sona-Draven vs Lulu-Ezreal
Finals: Zyra-Ezreal vs Sona-Graves

Week 2
R1G1: Sona-Tristana vs Soraka-Sivir
R1G2: Leona-Graves vs Nunu-Caitlyn
R1G3: Soraka-Sivir vs Nunu-Caitlyn
R1G4: Lulu-Graves vs Nunu-Caitlyn
Scrim: Leona-Draven vs Nunu-Caitlyn
R2G2: Lulu-Graves vs Taric-Ezreal
R3G1: Sona-Ezreal vs Nunu-Caitlyn
R3G2: Sona-Miss Fortune vs Nunu-Caitlyn
Finals: Taric-Miss Fortune vs Lulu-Ezreal

Week 1
R1G1: Taric-Graves vs Leona-Twitch
R1G2: Taric-Graves vs Lulu-Varus
Scrim: Nunu-Caitlyn vs Leona-Miss Fortune
R1G4: Taric-Graves vs Lulu-Draven
R2G1: Lulu-Ezreal vs Leona-Miss Fortune
R2G2: Taric-Vayne vs Leona-Sivir
R3G1: Leona-Graves vs Taric-Miss Fortune
R3G2: Sona-Ezreal vs Janna-Caitlyn
Finals: Sona-Draven vs Nunu-Caitlyn

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