Friday, January 17, 2014

Some pick/ban stats from week 1 EULCS

Despite the fact that Gragas was played in 9 out of the 16 games, he was only banned one time.

Yasuo, on the other hand, was banned 4 times by blue team and 3 times by red team, for a total of 7 bans, but was only picked two times.  His winrate was 50%; MIL lost to FNC with him and CW beat ROC with him.

Kassadin was banned 6 times by blue team and 8 times by red team, for a total of 14 bans.  In the 2 games he was open, he was picked one of them---and SK lastpicked him against SHC, after SHC had already locked in Gragas.  The game Kassadin was open and unpicked, the midlane matchup was Ziggs (SK) vs LeBlanc (MIL).

Midlane was almost always last-picked.  In fact,  in only 5 games did the red team not last-pick mid, and in 1 of them their midlane pick of Zyra seemed like it could have been a support.  Of the 5 games that mid wasn't last picked, in 4 of them support was last-picked and Renekton was last-picked in the last game.

There was a fairly broad variety in midlaners, with 13 different champions used in that role (7 only a single time).

Looking at supports, Annie had a 100% pick-ban rate, open in 5 games; she had a 60% winrate.  And in all but one game that she was picked, she was against a Thresh; the other game, SK-MIL, the matchup was Annie-Leona.

Leona was banned 4 times and picked 5 times, with a 40% winrate.

Thresh was picked 10 times and banned 4 times, so he was only available and unpicked in 2 games.  Those two games were GMB-CW (Kennen-Lulu) and SK-MIL (Leona-Annie).

Overall, there were 9 different supports picked; of these, 4 were played only one time.

ADC was probably the role with the least variety in picks; only 6 ADCs were picked, and 2 of them (Sivir, Vayne) only one time---the stars were Jinx (9), Lucian (10), Caitlyn (7), and Ezreal (4).

Despite that, ADCs weren't often banned.  Lucian and Jinx were each banned once and that was it for ADC bans.

First-picked champions were usually jungle or toplane.  Toplane was first-picked 4 times; Jungle 7; ADC 1; and support 4 times.  Three of the four support first-picks were Annie; the other was Thresh, and both Annie and Leona (the other two most-popular support picks) were both banned that game.

Toplane seemed to be ruled by Shyvana, Renekton and Dr. Mundo.  Of these champions, Mundo was banned 5 times and picked 8, making him one of the most-picked/banned champs of the week.  Renekton was played 8 times as well but not banned a single time.

Shyvana was banned 3 times and picked 9---in toplane.  She was also picked an additional 3 times in the jungle; the only game she was ignored in was MIL-FNC, in which MIL ran toplane Gragas against Renekton.  (That was the same game that was the only one with the last-pick Renekton.)

There were 8 distinct champions played in toplane.

Jungle saw 9 different champions played; Vi (9) and Lee Sin (9) were played much more than other champions, but Elise saw 4 games as well.

Special mention goes to Gragas, who was played in 3 different roles---midlane predominantly but also top and support for a game each.

What do you think we'll see in NA?  More or less variety?  What champions will be snatched up early, and who will counterpicks be saved for?

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