Monday, March 11, 2013

Botlane Tournament: Week 7 VoDs

R1G1: Leona-Tristana vs Taric-Miss Fortune
R1G2: Leona-Ezreal vs Blitzcrank-Caitlyn
R1G3: Sona-Miss Fortune vs Varus-Lulu
R1G4: Janna-Draven vs Nami-Miss Fortune
R2G1: Alistar-Caitlyn vs Sona-Ezreal
R2G2: Soraka-Miss Fortune vs Sona-Corki
Finals: Leona-Ezreal vs Janna-Tristana

Half-bracket this week, since I was casting another event ahead of time and so didn't have time to do a 16-team bracket.  I'll announce this Wednesday whether there will be a tournament this coming Saturday; I might have to take off one week to write a couple final papers, and I'd rather cancel this for a week than cancel the SNSS right after bringing it back.

I've also been updating my Sona guide, so check it out!  (Change log at the bottom, below the charts section)

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