Monday, March 25, 2013

A spreadsheet of champion skills and their cooldowns

I compiled a spreadsheet of all champion abilities and their cooldowns. Karma and Udyr are technically incorrect, since Karma can level her skills to 6 and Udyr can level his R to 5, but the patterns of CDR as you level continue for the last levels.

If you find a mistake, PLEASE tell me in a comment to this post!!!  Even if it's just a typo.

 Things you might want to do with this spreadsheet:
  • Just study it.  Get a good idea of what champions' cooldowns are.
  • Learn the names!  (This is half of why I made it, since I'm trying to learn ability names more for shoutcasting.)
  • Present the information visually using a Python script or something.  Still not exactly sure the best way to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out.  (This is the other half of why I made it.)

Here is a link to the form, which you can copy and paste if you want.

And here are examples of what you might want to do to present the information visually:

Obviously more text is required for these, but you can at least automate the cooldowns section with some creative copy-pasting and Adobe InDesign.  (I actually made these images in Photoshop, but it's silly to do that without a better automated process, especially considering cooldowns are subject to change every single patch).


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  2. Hey,
    Love your blog.
    I have almost finished a badass spreadsheet for LoL.
    It combines databases for champions, items, runes, abilities, and masteries.
    You can type in items names, champion name, runes, masteries and it will do various dps calculations automatically.
    I would love to send it to you and get your feedback. I am a hardcore Excell junkie and I LOVE some of the work you have done.
    I just started playing league( cuase my daughter got me into it, but have been a hardcore gamer for a LONG time, WoW, Eve, Asherons call, etc.
    my email is shoot me an email and I will reply with my spreadsheet :)


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