Friday, February 14, 2014

Express Your Farm

    To the tune of Madonna's "Express Yourself":
    C'mon Cait.  Do you believe in winning?  Cos I got something to say about it and it goes something like this.
    Don't make extended trades Caitlyn
    Poke him down over time
    You know, you know, you've got to
    Get all the farm for the gold
    And then maybe then you'll know your skill is real
    You don't need champion kills
    Or tower damage done
    Jungle ganks can come very fast
    In fights you never last, no, no
    What you need is the minion kills
    To get you to your B.F. sword
    Need to be the leader in farm
    Make him duel you if you know you'll win
    (You'll never win duels)
    Cupcake traps are a good way to snare
    But what if their Lee wants to gank
    Headshot procs are very good damage
    But Lulu's not really a tank
    You deserve the gold in lane
    So if the time isn't right then just farm
    Fighting them is never enough
    You'd do much better baby in midlane
    Just farm your lane
    (You've got to make him)
    Just farm his lane
    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    So if you wanna win games, let me show you how
    Just farm all the creeps, oh baby ready or not!

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