Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Botlane Tournament VoDs: Week 9

R1G1: Sona-Ezreal vs Twitch-Thresh
R1G2: Alistar-Varus vs Leona-Draven
R1G3: Nunu-Vayne vs Lulu-Cait
R1G4: Leona-Caitlyn vs Blitzcrank-Graves
R2G1: Leona-Caitlyn vs Lulu-Miss Fortune
R2G2: Nunu-Caitlyn vs Taric-Tristana
Finals: Leona-Tristana vs Lulu-Miss Fortune

VoD is split into two parts for this week because I bluescreened in the middle.  Thanks to dajjbomb for compiling the entire list for me!!

My excuses for not doing this myself last week (and also the general lack of posts recently) are that I've been (gasp) playing League.  And also I was casting another tournament Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights (VoDs here, here, and here).  And also SNSS.

I'm casting for LRSS now, so you might be able to find me streaming on their streams (here and here) sometimes.  If you don't know what LRSS is, I definitely encourage you to look it up---it's a great opportunity for bronze/silver/maybe gold players to play competitive games, and they're casted, which is always awesome.

And finally, I'll leave my thoughts about the Nami buff (her ult base CD being reduced from 140 seconds to 120 seconds at level 1)...WOW!!  She's going to be pretty good against Sona now.  And less bad against Lulu...a LOT less bad against Lulu.  It also makes MF/Nami a strong combo, because their ults now have the same CD.  The range buff is also going to help; I've definitely missed ults by like 100 range more times than I care to remember.


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