Sunday, April 14, 2013

Botlane Tournament VoDs: Week 11

R1G2: Ezreal-Sona vs Caitlyn-Leona
R1G4: Graves-Alistar vs Vayne-Thresh
R1G6: Ezreal-Lulu vs Caitlyn-Leona
R1G8: Caitlyn-Nunu vs Ashe-Janna
R2G2: Graves-Taric vs Tristana-Leona
R2G4: Caitlyn-Soraka vs Miss Fortune-Sona
R3G1: Corki-Leona vs Miss Fortune-Taric
R3G2: Miss Fortune-Zyra vs Caitlyn-Soraka
Finals: Ashe-Soraka vs Miss Fortune-Taric

Macduffer's stream:
R1G1: Sivir-Thresh vs Varus-Janna
R1G3: Miss Fortune-Leona vs Tristana-Lulu
R1G5: Miss Fortune-Leona vs Twitch-Leona
R1G7: Miss Fortune-Leona vs Corki-Thresh

Thanks to Tippani for compiling the links <3  He's gonna do SNSS too so I'll start posting SNSS VoD lists also.

Unfortunately I forgot to save the week 10 VoD within a week of the broadcast, so twitch deleted it...sad.  Sorry about that.  I didn't realize it deleted videos so soon after.

SNSS today!

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