Sunday, April 21, 2013

Botlane Tournament VoDs: Week 12

My stream:

R1G2: Vayne-Taric vs Ezreal-Lulu
R1G4: Varus-Nami vs Graves-Taric
R1G6: Miss Fortune-Sona vs Caitlyn-Taric
R1G8: Miss Fortune-Sona vs Ashe-Lulu
R2G1: Draven-Leona vs Caitlyn-Nunu
R2G4: Draven-Taric vs Tristana-Janna
R3G1: Draven-Tresh vs Graves-Blitzcrank
R3G2: Tristana-Taric vs Quinn-Sona
Finals: Graves-Thresh vs Quinn-Sona

Zarikai's stream, Its PJ casting:

R1G1: Caitlyn-Lulu vs Ezreal-Sona
R1G3: Varus-Thresh vs Ezreal-Sona
R1G5: Varus-Thresh vs Quinn-Sona Part 2
R1G7: Twitch-Janna vs Miss Fortune-Lulu

Thanks Tippani for compiling <3

SNSS today!  And I'm in the middle of writing a thing about leveling Lulu's skills early on, hopefully should finish that tomorrow.

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