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LCS Game Summaries: Week 10 Day 2

Watching LCS live today (usually I watch VoDs), and I'm writing short summaries of the games.  I'll update the post throughout the day.  You can find complete VoD indices here (my game start links are taken from there).

I would love feedback on these summaries, especially from people who watched the games, since this is the first time I've done something like this.  Comment on this post or message me on reddit.  I'll even give you a shoutout in the next post I make if you do (and want me to).

Spoilers obviously.

Game 1: Vulcun vs Marn

Vulcun: Renekton/Jarvan IV/Ryze/Tristana/Sona
Marn: Shen/Evelynn/Lux/Twitch/Thresh

Vulcun started out giving Ryze their blue buff, with Jarvan starting at his own red and then trying to steal Eve's.  However, despite the fact that Tristana and Sona were laning mid, Thresh was able to come down from toplane to back up his jungler, and Evelynn smite-stole her own red buff.  Early laning went well for Marn, as Lux farmed very well in her 1v2 lane, and Shen was able to shut out Ryze for a bit.  However, Thresh tried to roam mid, which stopped Nientonsoh on Thresh from being able to push down the top turret, and Zuna and Bloodwater were actually able to take out mid turret a few seconds before Nientonsoh and Heartbeat pushed down top turret.

At about 10 minutes, a botlane gank was turned in Vulcun's favor by a clutch Buster Shot into Crescendo and teleport in from mandatorycloud.  Afterwards, Marn was able to pick up the first dragon, and the next skirmishes either went even or with one kill in favor of Marn.  However, Vulcun was able to pick up two unanswered turrets, and while the gold was never significantly in Vulcun's favor, they started to achieve a clear lead in map control.  The game exploded in Vulcun's favor at about 30 minutes in with a clutch Ryze teleport to catch Thresh out in his own jungle.  Shen's ult was not up after he had recently ulted Twitch in botlane, and Vulcun was able to pick up a 3 for 0.

Soon after, Twitch tried to 1v1 Ryze in toplane.  While Shen ulted in to save Twitch, Jarvan came upriver to help Ryze, and ultimately Vulcun was able to collapse on the toplane and win the fight, leading to a free baron, and Vulcun was able to close out the game at about 40 minutes with a quadrakill going to Tristana.

Game Start

Game 2: Complexity vs TSM

Complexity: Jayce/Jarvan IV/Diana/Caitlyn/Elise
TSM: Kha'zix/Nasus/Karthus/Draven/Sona

With no lane swaps, all of the focus started out in toplane, as both Jarvan and Nasus came up twice by six minutes.  First blood and double buff went to Kha'zix in the first gank, but Jayce was able to pick up a counter kill, evening out the buffs and kills in the toplane.  At about 6:30, the game suddenly snowballed in TSM's favor, as they were able to pick up a 3-0 across the map with Karthus using his Requiem to help out Draven and Sona in botlane pick up a 2-0 and then picking up a solo kill on Diana himself in midlane.

Complexity continued putting all their focus on catching out Dyrus, but he was able to leap away nearly every team.  In mid, pr0lly picked up a kill on Reginald due to a Jarvan gank, but the rest of the fights went in TSM's favor---even when Diana came bot, WildTurtle was able to pick up a double kill with Draven, and the fight resulted in a 2v2.

At about 23 minutes, TSM picked up their second dragon of the game and were then able to run all the way to their inner top turret to collapse on Complexity as Diana dove Karthus.  They won the fight 2 for 0 but were unable to pick up baron.  A few minutes later, while TSM were sieging the inner middle turret of Complexity, they were able to bring Elise extremely low and suddenly picked up a 5-0 ace and were able to push all the way for the win.

Game Start

Game 3: Marn vs Curse

Marn: Malphite/Shen/Ahri/Draven/Sona
Curse: Riven/Volibear/Orianna/Ashe/Thresh

This game started out with the typical lane swap of carry/support going top for the topside team, Curse.  Both junglers chose to go top for the 3:30 tower push/dive, and the exchange actually went slightly in Marn's favor, with Saintvicious on Volibear taken very low by the turret after a Death Sentence landed onto Malphite.  Two minutes later, the junglers swapped sides of the map, and the two outer sidelane turrets were taken.  Marn was able to pick up dragon since Curse had had three top, but Shen was unexpectedly caught out by Orianna, and Nyjacky was able to pick up a solo-kill with his Shockwave and Ignite.

The game continued in Marn's favor, as they were able to turn an incredible fight in botlane with Shen ulting in and a double-kill going to Nientonsoh's Draven.  At about 16 minutes, they were able to pick up another turret, this time in midlane, and soon after collapsed on botlane after turning another fight, this time with Draven picking up a kill on Riven due to a Crescendo.  The next fight also went in Marn's favor, as Ashe landed an arrow on Malphite and MegaZero was able to turn around and ult.  However, Marn overstayed their welcome and ended up giving up a 3 for 4 and Dragon to Curse at about 24 minutes.

After that dragon, Curse started to snowball their game, picking up another mid turret and then catching Sona out with an arrow from Cop.  The Sona catch led to two more free kills and a baron, and Curse were able to force down the mid inhib turret at 31 minutes.  Malphite and Sona had a very well-placed initiate, but it was after the turret had already fallen, and Volibear was able to dive and tank for much longer than Malphite.  Curse didn't end the game immediately, instead waiting to pick up a second baron and then ended up pushing down the entire base and winning at 37 minutes.

Game Start

Game 4: Vulcun vs GGU

 Vulcun: Renekton/Jarvan IV/Diana/Twitch/Sona
GGU: Kha'zix/Elise/Karthus/Tristana/Lulu

Zuna and Bloodwater started out the game very nicely in Vulcun's favor with a clean pickoff on Daydreamin's Lulu in the topside tri bush, first blood going to Zuna's Twitch.  After the first blood, Vulcun took over standard lanes, while GGU sent their carry/support midlane.  The first turret kill went uncontested to Vulcun just before six minutes, and Sycho Sid had been able to pick up a kill on ZionSpartan's Kha'zix in toplane with Xmithie's help about a minute earlier.  A clean blue buff play forced NintendudeX to smite-steal his own buff, and off that Vulcun picked up an uncontested dragon.

Both outer midlane turrets fell before the next dragon spawn, and Vulcun sat at a 3k gold lead going into the next dragon fight, having picked up another kill as well.  Vulcun pulled dragon, but this time GGU did contest, and NintendudeX was able to smite-steal the objective.  However the fight went in Vulcun's favor, with a 4-2 kill swing.  And...then I fell asleep for about an hour and didn't watch the rest of the game.  Oops.  Maybe I'll watch the VoD.

Game Start

Game 5: Dignitas vs Curse

Dignitas: Singed/Volibear/Evelynn/Caitlyn/Zyra
Curse: Renekton/Nasus/Karthus/Ashe/Sona

Woke up while they were dancing around baron, Dignitas already up 14-5 I think.  Very good comeback attempt by Curse to be honest, but Singed was just too tanky in the last fight.  It was unfortunate for Curse that, after Dignitas engaged on Curse's tank, Ashe arrowed one of Dignitas's tanks instead of holding for someone squisher, and also Renekton took a while to teleport in.

I didn't take notes on this game so not much of a summary.  Will do next game though!

Game Start

Game 6: CLG vs Vulcun

CLG: Shen/Amumu/Lux/Tristana/Sona
Vulcun: Renekton/Jarvan IV/Ryze/Twitch/Lulu

Vulcun started the game out looking extremely strong, able to pick up both blue buffs and denying Amumu's first blue.  They sent their ADC/support duo top, and with Xmithie's help, they were able to pick up the first tower at about 5 minutes, with Doublelift and Aphromoo picking up CLG's first tower a few seconds later in botlane.  First blood was a very clean gank by Jarvan on Lux in midlane, but a slight tactical misplay caused Vulcun to give up the first dragon of the game at about 8 minutes: They successfully stole a second blue buff, but it cost Xmithie's smite, and so Chauster was able to smite CLG's dragon attempt; Vulcun was in position to contest but chose not to.

CLG began to come back a bit after picking up a kill onto Xmithie's Jarvan IV and mid turret, and then bluffing Vulcun away from their dragon attempt despite having neither of their AoE CC ults available.  A nice bait by Sycho Sid on Renekton near their innter top turret caused Vulcun to come back a bit, saving their turret and picking up Aphromoo, but the next fight went massively in CLG's favor: at dragon, Xmithie missed his smite and Sona picked up the dragon kill, CLG picking up two unanswered kills on top of the objective.  Ryze was able to pick up bot outer turret at 20 minutes, evening out the gold.  Vulcun looked to be in a very strong position, but CLG caught Lulu out while Bloodwater was trying to ward baron.  Despite the fact that they burned both Crescendo and Cure of the Sad Mummy, and Vulcun should have had the upper hand in the immediate 4v5 fight, Jarvan engaged and Ryze teleported in early, before Twitch was near enough to fight, and CLG picked up a 2-for-1 fight in addition to mid inhib turret and the inhibitor itself, plus top inner turret.

Vulcun was able to hold on decently well after that fight at first, even picking up dragon and retaining their gold lead.  But CLG, with great positioning, baited Vulcun to toplane and then took a very quick baron just after the 34-minute mark.  They continued to push on the top inhibitor turret, and successful crowd control from Sona and Amumu, in addition to a huge amount of damage from Tristana, were able to get them a 3-0 fight.  The rest of the game was just cleanup for CLG, picking up top inhib turret and inhibitor and then the middle inhibitor after its respawn.  Vulcun looked like they might have been able to hold on, but CLG showed that they were just being patient as they picked up a 4-0 at the very end, pushing the nexus just before the 40-minute mark.

Game Start

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